Breathe Life
We inhale the redemption of Jesus, the truth of God’s Word, the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit. We exhale love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness… 
…NTD women breathe life.


We Exist To:

-Inspire every women to breathe in salvation
-Encourage NTDwomen to exhale life-giving relationships
-Prepare women to build a spiritual legacy
-Equip leaders to minister effectively to women
-Engage women in the Great Commissionn for Ministry

Connect in Person



Connecting Women to His Purpose for Their Lives

An event for women who desire to build a spiritual legacy and positively impact the people in their lives.

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Connecting Women to His Work Throughout the District and Around the World

Sectional events to highlight The Connect Fund, The Home Market, and to connect women to NTD missionaries and others in their section.

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DC Women's

Connecting Leaders to One Another

A special event designed to connect and encourage leaders.

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Connecting Women to God

A time for NTDwomen to get away and focus on their relationship with Jesus. Special moments include instruction in the Word, quiet reflection, meaningful conversation, corporate worship, prayer, and relaxation.

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Connect with Missions


The Connect Fund

Previously named FutureHope

North Texas women are honored to financially partner with our missionaries and other ministries across our district. These funds provide household furnishings for full-time world missionaries, Christmas gifts for fully appointed missionaries, and other projects specifically for women and children. Together, we can make a significant impact in what God is doing in our district and around the world.

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The Home Market

Previously named Blue Bonnet Boutique

North Texas women donate brand new household items for missionaries’ homes. Once a year, NTD fully appointed World and U.S. missionaries are able to “shop” for these items at no cost.

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500 Club

Every woman is challenged to love big and give $500 to The Connect Fund. A monthly missions update and prayer guide is sent to every 500 Club Member. They also receive a special gift as a reminder to pray regularly for NTD missionaries and ministries.

Missions Trips

Special events to give NTDwomen an opportunity to connect and minister to women around the world.

Connect to Serve


Contact these local ministries
to serve North Texas women and their families

Calvary Commission
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro
Dallas TeenLife Challenge
Forever Families
Fort Worth Teen Challenge for Women
Hope Mansion
Pleasant Hills Children’s Home
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Southwest Pregnancy Services
The Keep
True Freedom Prison Ministries
and others…

Pleasant Hills Children’s Home

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Metro Ministries Christmas Projects

 Ft. Worth  Dallas

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Kerry Clarensau

District Women’s Director

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