Calling pastors and Christian leaders to unify across denominational, racial, and generational lines to take responsibility for the spiritual condition of America through unified repentance, revival prayer, and engaging culture for awakening.

Lewis & Rachel Hogan

Founders/DIrectors of United Cry

After pastoring for 25 years, Lewis and Rachel Hogan founded United Cry in October of 2012. United Cry’s primary focus is equipping pastors and churches to take responsibility for the spiritual condition of America. United Cry has been mandated to start a movement of unified prayer and civic action led by pastors and Christian leaders for the purpose of a spiritual awakening that reclaims America’s future. Lewis and Rachel strongly believe that the problems facing America are not political, but spiritual. Because of this, on April 9th, 2016 Lewis and Rachel led United Cry DC16, a nationwide prayer gathering composed of pastors and Christian leaders at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Believing that God has called them to a movement, not just an event, Lewis and Rachel carry the message that only a united church can heal a divided nation. Through prayer alerts, prayer gatherings, and partnering with like-hearted ministries, United Cry equips pastors and Christian leaders with the resources to see spiritual awakening in America.

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