The coming of November marks the beginning of our Credential Renewal season.

Your credential renewal is due no later than December 31.

The North Texas District has a renewal fee of $65 due when you mail in your renewal form.

(You will be prompted for your LOGON ID and PASSWORD). If you don’t have, or have forgotten your LOGON ID and PASSWORD, you can register from the page above or request your LOGIN ID and PASSWORD.

Still having problems? Email

Senior Retired ministers are exempt from paying an annual renewal fee.

The General Council online Credential Renewal form is at Hardcopy forms are mailed in November.

For more information about downloading or receiving your renewal form, contact
General Council ministers dues (please pay these through their website above):

  • Ordained – $25 monthly, $300 a year
    Licensed – $20 monthly, $240 a year
    Certified – $10 monthly, $120 a year

Reinstating credentials that have lapsed will cost a minister $200, so let us encourage you to send in your renewal form promptly!
Everyone must renew their credentials; even the ministers who just received their credentials or stepped up their credentials during the Fall Councils.