Our Superintendent


Rick and Rita DuBose live in Maypearl, Texas. Just about 30 miles south of Downtown Dallas, they enjoy being close enough to all the activities of the big city, but far enough away to be able to slow down the pace a bit. Slowing down is all relative, especially when the family gets together. All 3 of their children live relatively close by and it’s not uncommon for them to just spend time in the living room officiating the “fun” had by all 8 grandsons! Even though it can be a bit hectic, those moments are the ongoing fulfillment of a legacy that brings such honor to God and truly does bring joy to this couple.

Their children are all involved in full-time vocational ministry. Jason and Renee Exley are the Lead Pastors of Life Church in Midlothian and have 4 sons. Ryan and Lauren DuBose are Youth and Worship Pastors and also live in Midlothian with their 2 sons. Eric and Rachel Jenkins have 2 sons and minister to the Young Adults at Life Church alongside Jason & Renee.

Rick and Rita have served in pastoral ministry at several churches. They began their ministry as Youth Pastors in Mesquite, Texas from 1981-1984. While in Mesquite, Rick served the North Texas District Youth Department in several support roles at camps and with Speed the Light. They then pastored a small church in Hallsville, Texas from 1984-1987. Pastoring in a small East Texas town like Hallsville had its challenges, but God provided for them personally and they saw growth and health come to the church. In 1987, God called them to lead 17 people at a church in Sachse, Texas, which is just north of Dallas. From 1987 – 2005, they saw God do incredible things in Sachse and the church grew to 1,000. Sachse A/G vaulted to the lead in North Texas of missions giving and growth and continues to grow strong today.

Throughout his ministry, Rick has served on many boards and held positions in the governmental structure of the Assemblies of God. He has been voted into many of these roles by his peers. He was voted to be an Executive Presbyter of the North Texas District of the Assemblies of God in 2003, then to be the Assistant Superintendent in 2005, and was voted as the Superintendent in 2007, where he presently serves. He was also a North Dallas Section Presbyter from 2001-2005, served on the National A/G World Missions Board, was North Texas Missions Director, chaired the National Church Planting and Development Board, and is currently the chairman of the Board of Regents of Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

In the midst of all of these responsibilities, perhaps his greatest and most fulfilling challenge currently is leading the largest district in the General Council with a goal of someday reaching a total of 1,000 healthy churches. Target 1000 is the vision in North Texas that God gave to Rick several years ago. The heart behind that vision is that every community in North Texas would have a healthy Spirit-filled church that plays a powerful role in seeing lost people come to Christ. One thousand healthy churches seem to be an enormous goal, especially since North Texas currently has around 560 churches. But that vision of faith is what has led Rick and the leadership of the district to undertake the largest restructuring in its history and has seen the framework built for a God-sized vision to become a reality. Since Rick became Superintendent, North Texas has planted 80+ churches and has helped 200 of their pastors participate in a very intentional Church Life training model. This vision and the process of birthing healthy churches has also led Rick to author his first book, The Church That Works, which has been a great resource to districts all over the nation.

Rick DuBose is not afraid to dream big dreams. His wife, children, family, and all the staff would all heartily agree with that! But they would also point out that the foundation of those dreams happen in a far less dramatic setting. It’s usually around 5 am each morning, cup of coffee in hand, sitting in his home office and simply opening up the Word and letting God speak. Rick is a living example of making sure he hears from God first before he opens his mouth to speak anything. His adamant commitment to his personal altar time has led the district and ministers but most importantly his family to a renewed devotion to daily times with Jesus.