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What is #NTDworks?

#NTDworks is an intentional effort to make sure we create a culture where the right things are celebrated. Too many times, questions like, “How many were in attendance on Sunday?” dominate our conversations. We need to shift our focus to “How many people came to Jesus for salvation?” The New Testament church is often described by numerical accounts of those being added to their numbers through salvation, not merely attendance. We also see from the story in Luke 5 that when believers work together, the number of souls that can be “caught” will be greater.

Let us be a community of ministers that understands both of those dynamics. Let’s give a good report of people coming to know Jesus as Savior and Lord! By doing this, we do our part to create and cultivate a culture of encouragement and accountability among North Texas churches and ministers.

It’s simple. All you have to do is add to the #NTDworks scoreboard of souls being saved by going to
northtexas.ag/ntdworks. You can also join the conversation online by tagging your good report with #NTDworks.

Thank you for adding fuel to the fires of revival in North Texas and being part of the greatest increase in numbers of salvations that we have ever seen!