District Council Missions Projects

The North Texas District is engaged in fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ! This year there are three critical projects we are committed to support: Helping train over 3,000 pastors in Cuba by providing scholarships through Global University; Assisting Bob and Chrissy Godwin in Planting a Church in West Tallinn, Estonia where less than 1% of the population are Evangelical; Partnering with Gaylord and Fredna Brown in evangelizing the nation of Liberia through training pastors, printing educational resources, planting churches and digging water wells. You will find more details and videos to better understand each of these initiatives!

We believe the Holy Spirit led us to target Cuba, Estonia, and Liberia this year! Would you prayerfully consider participating in one or more of these projects? We would like to have the funds raised by District Council so that we can celebrate completion of each at the Missions Banquet on Tuesday evening. You can respond on the form below and together we can impact three nations with the good news of Jesus Christ! Once again, the North Texas District is positioned to impact our world with the Gospel that transforms lives!

  • Dr. Gaylan D. Claunch // District Missions Director

Project Cuba


Project Plan

The plan is to train 3000 Pastors in a four year training program through Cuba Bible College. Over 500 have been trained and 2500 are waiting funding at $1000 per year per student. Kindles have already been provided. As a result of this training, the Cuban Assemblies of God are already sending out missionaries. Training these 3000 pastors has the potential to bring the Gospel to the whole nation of Cuba.

We have an initial goal of: $100,000
How You Can Participate

We have set an initial goal of $100,000 in scholarships that will train 100 pastors for a year. You can participate in this effort by one of the following financial commitments:

  • Option 1: $500 to scholarship 1 student for 6 months
    Option 2: $1,000 to scholarship 1 student for a year
    Option 3: $2,000 to scholarship 2 students for a year
    Option 4: $3,000 to scholarship 3 students for a year
    Option 5: $5,000 to scholarship 5 students for a year

Project Estonia


Project Plan

Bob and Chrissy Godwin have developed a plan to reach this city and the Tallinn Technical University that is located there. There are less than 1% Evangelicals in this country and the need is urgent and great. Their plan for planting this church is broken down as follows:

  • • Budget-Initial Launch and First Year – $120,000
    • Rental and Utilities for facilities – $30,000
    • Community Connection Events – $20,000
    • Office and Media Equipment – $10,000
    • Sound System – $15,000
    • Marketing – $10,000
    • Prelaunch Projects – $10,000
    • Coaching/Resources/Team Development – $10,000
    • Music Equipment – $5,000
    • Website and Social Media Design – $5,000
    • Kids Ministries – $5,000
We have an initial goal of: $100,000
How You Can Participate

The cost of this project can be completed by committing to one or more days at $275 per day for one year. 275×365 = $100,375. How many days would you like to fund by your generous giving?

  • Option 1: 1 Day Commitment $275
    Option 2: 2 Day Commitment $550
    Option 3: 3 Day Commitment $825
    Option 4: 4 Day Commitment $1,100
    Option 5: 1 Week Commitment $1,925
    Option 6: 2 Week Commitment $3,850


Project Liberia


Project Plan

Our missionaries, Gaylord and Fredna Brown, are strategically positioned in Liberia and are in partnership with the Liberian Assemblies of God in a major effort to accomplish the following:

  • • Train 650 church planters to plant 650 new churches by 2020. Church planting schools exist in the six districts of the A/G in Liberia, but providing text books is a challenge for enrolled students due to a lack of a Print-On-Demand system. Cost of shipping books from the US is extremely high and it is much cheaper to print them there.
    • Funds for portable sound systems to conduct evangelistic outreaches in the most remote areas of the country.
    • Textbooks for students.
    • Water wells to be used with A/G church plants.
We have an initial goal of: $155,000
How You Can Participate
  • • Option 1: $15,000 towards a Print-On-Demand System to produce textbooks for students and printing supplies.
    • Option 2: $30,000 for 20 Portable Sound Systems $1,500 each to cover the system, generator, and AV equipment to show the Jesus Film.
    • Option 3: $42,000 for 12 Water Wells $3500 per well as an average cost.
    • Option 4: $25,000 for Discovery Series Textbooks.


Please select which project(s) you would like to support
as well as how you would like to contribute to that project.

If you would like to print and mail your project selection(s) and contribution, download everything you need here.