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Light for the Lost (LFTL) serves to “EMPOWER THE CHURCH to provide THE GOSPEL for every person on the planet.” Providing a variety of resources such as audio, visual, printed materials, Book of Hope, and Fire Bibles, LFTL has one guiding principle: “all LFTL assistance must be used to provide resources directly related to evangelism.”

Since its inception, LFTL has raised more than $216,000,000. Through the generous giving of churches, individuals and businesses, LFTL is assisting missionaries and missions projects at home, and around the world with evangelistic resources to share the message of hope.

John 4:35 says, “Look at the fields….they are ripe for harvest.”

LFTL provided tools are MULTIPLYING AND EMPOWERING the efforts of missionaries in communicating the story of Jesus to a ‘ripe field of people’ as described in the “Thank you”notes below.

Arab Outreach Ministries: “We recently used LFTL funds to purchase Arabic/English Bible and we distributed them to religions. The funds were received also allowed us to print one hundred Arabic/English song books to be used in our three Arab Outreach Ministries located in different areas of Florida. What a blessing!

One Hope: “Through the generous gifts of Light for the Lost, we were able to reach 533,025 youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the form of Scripture engagement tools such as The Book of Hope and The God-Man video.”

Network 211 and Project 10 Million: “Your monthly LFTL donations helped deliver the gospel to people in 207 countries and territories. Reaching one person every 12 seconds.”

Are you ready to make an eternal, global impact? The field requests for LFTL assistance continue to outweigh the funds Men’s Ministry has raised. The need is critical. You can partner with God’s “sent ones” monthly as a LFTL Councilman (on a personal level), with a one-time gift, or as a church through monthly pledges. Additional information: