Disaster Relief

Connecting People

Disasters are by their very nature unpredictable and unscheduled. Whether the tragedy is manmade or a product of nature, disasters wreak havoc in people’s lives. From lives lost to possessions destroyed, these crises leave heartache and hopelessness in their wake.

The North Texas District Men’s Ministry has created a team within men’s ministry for disaster response. Through the Response & Relief (R&R) arm of Men’s Ministry, the local church is empowered to connect with people at a difficult time with the love of Christ in a very tangible and meaningful way. R&R will enlist trained chaplains, ministers and laymen to address the spiritual and emotional needs created by the disaster.

Through ongoing training opportunities R&R will build a vast, trained volunteer base to call on in the event of a disaster. Working through local churches will allow the victim to have a local connection for ongoing care once the crisis has been mitigated.