Special Needs

I am extremely excited to announce a new addition to the NTD Kids team. Please join me in welcoming Sara Pickrell as the NTD Special Needs Director!

For over ten years, Sara has had a passion and purpose in working with special needs families, specifically within the context of local church integration. As the wife of a worship pastor and the mother of an autistic son, Sara often encountered the challenge of churches’ inability to meet the spiritual and physical needs of her son. Out of this tangible need, Sara pioneered and developed strategies and procedures for her home church to help meet her son’s needs. From this same need, doors were opened for Sara to take those very models and prototypes to other churches that desire to reach local families. Currently, Sara travels around the country establishing the necessary infrastructure for churches to meet this ever growing demographic. Already, stories have surfaced from families who have never been able to worship locally because none of those churches could accommodate the needs of their child. Sara has responded in helping churches answer the question so many are asking: “With special needs like ours, where can we worship?”

After meeting with Sara for lunch about a year ago, I just knew that her heart and passion for helping families with special needs would be a huge asset to North Texas. Several meetings and conversations later, she is now officially joining our team and we could not be more excited! To date she has provided valuable training at the District Office, training at the Church Leadership Conference, and will be doing a breakout session at the NTD KidMin Conference: Inside Out in the Fall of this year! Sara is a North Texas Missionary Associate, and would love to have the opportunity to visit your congregation and see how she could partner with you to reach more families!

Please don’t hesitate to contact her to come and work with your team!

Michelle Garland
 // District Kids Director

Sara Pickrell

NTD Missionary Associate and Special Needs Director