Learn about the benefits of joining the Joseph fund. One membership covers an entire family: minister, spouse, and dependent children up to their eighteenth birthday.

Dear Fellow Minister:

The early Christians had all things in common. Later, the Christians proved their love and consideration by helping one another. We believe the desire to be mutually helpful in times of need is still a wonderful part of our life as a Christian.

When a minister dies, a great deal of extra expense is involved, and often the family’s “breadwinner” is taken. With this understanding of the need at such a time, the North Texas District Council has developed the “Joseph Fund Association.” At the death of our Lord, Joseph of Arimathea showed his love and compassion by meeting the burial needs of Jesus. The “Joseph Fund Association” provides the opportunity for North Texas District Council credentialed ministers to voluntarily join together and collectively show Christian love and support to one another, and to provide a financial benefit to those surviving family members facing the expense and grief due to the loss of a loved one.

The “Joseph Fund Association” is not an insurance policy; it is a “benevolence” program, with an emphasis on helping others. Enrollment is voluntary, and is open to all North Texas District credentialed ministers. Each participant shall enroll with an initial fee of $20, and upon the death of a participant, an assessment of $10 for each participant is to be made. If at least 300 ministers participate, then the surviving spouse or family members receive $3000. As the membership continues to grow, the maximum benefit will follow the schedule below.

Number of Ministers*

600 or greater



*benefits will increase according to the number of members

Please say “yes” and become a participant in consideration of the value and importance of ministry to our ministerial family!

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