Israel Tour

The North Texas District of the Assemblies of God invites you to join us for 10 days in THE HOLY LAND

February 20 ‐ March 1, 2018

Plus an optional extension to Petra // Mar 1 – 3, 2018

Gregg Headley // NTD Secretary Treasurer
Randy Sheridan // Host and Tour Coordinator

Invitation from Presbyters

Invitation from Pastor Kendall Bridges

What Others Are Saying

“Great trip! I highly recommend it!”

– Gerald Patterson, Pastor & EP

“The Living Word came alive! I feel more confident now, than I ever have in what I believe and why. I’m grateful and forever changed!”

– Jason Mays, Pastor

Thank you and your family for a GREAT trip. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for all of your hard work and planning. I am so thankful to have been a part of such a well-organized, life-changing trip.

– Elwyn & Regina Johnston, Pastor & EP

Reflections on My Trip to Israel
by Dr. Gaylan Claunch

“So, how many times have you been to Israel,” someone asked me. Our [2015] trip was the first time I had visited the land of the Bible. My regret is that I had not done so much earlier in my ministry. With the help of an excellent guide, I enjoyed a multi-faceted experience in which “the fifth gospel”, the land of the Bible, came alive in my understanding of Scripture.

This trip was a weaving of the language, geography, history, culture, food, archaeological discoveries and spiritual importance of the land, a land blossoming since the restoration of National Israel in 1948. The stories of Jesus’ life, teachings, miracles, journeys, and his passion burst into brilliant reality when you stand where Jesus stood, walk where he walked and study what he said in the places where he spoke.

This trip was a worship experience for me; from singing in the cave of the shepherds, standing on the cliff outside of Nazareth where his enemies wanted to cast him down, to standing in the Garden of Gethsemane, walking the Via Dolorosa and visiting the empty garden tomb. As everyone who visits Israel has said, and now I say, you will never read your Bible the same! It comes to life as you link the place with the record of Scripture. What you will experience is more than just a visit to Israel. You will encounter the God of the Bible!

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Questions? Contact Pastor Randy Sheridan at or (817) 991-5025