Congratulations on taking the next step and credentialing with the North Texas District.

Please follow down the page to go through the 5 step process of credentialing.

Download the instruction sheet

Download Form
Download the correct application below to obtain credentials with our fellowship or to upgrade your credentials if you are currently an Assembly of God Minister.

APPLICATIONS: There are three types of applications. Please choose the correct one below.

Application for First Time Applicants
Application for Upgrade of Credentials for AG Ministers
Application for Upgrade of Credentials for AG Ministers to Ordination
Application for Reinstatement for those previously credentialed with our Fellowship

Please return your completed application to our office at PO Box 838, Waxahachie, TX 75168 with 2 pictures, the background check disclosure form, the notarized release forms for both you and your spouse (if applicable), a copy of your social security card and the application fee payable to NTD according to the level you are applying for as follows:

$110 for a certificate of ministry
$115 for a license to preach
$120 for ordination.
$200 for reinstatement (all levels)

Background Check
It is manadatory that each application be accompanied with a background check disclosure form and release forms for both the applicant and their spouse (if applicable).

Please review the financial integrity indicators before completing the background check disclosure check form below.

The release forms below must be notarized and the originals sent to our office with your application.

Background Check Disclosure Form
Applicant’s Release Form
Spouse’s Release Form

Reference Forms
Please complete the upper portion of the reference forms below with the North Texas District Office. Then send the appropriate forms to the eight individuals you list on the back of your application form as references (1 pastor, 2 ministers, 3 friends and 2 employers).

Be sure to include a copy of your release forms for you and your spouse (if applicable) and a stamped envelope addressed to the North Texas District Office so your references can easily return the forms to our office.

Please instruct your references to complete the forms and mail them to the district office before the date of your sectional interview.

Do not use an individual for more than one reference.

Pastor’s Reference
Minister’s Reference
Employer’s Reference
Friend’s Reference

Download the appropriate synopsis below to prepare yourself for the exam, which will be administered to you on a date approximately two to four weeks before your section’s interview date.


Synopsis for Certified Exam
Synopsis for License Exam
Synopsis for Ordination Exam

Study Aids

North Texas Constitution and Bylaws
General Council Constitution and Bylaws

Contect Your Presbyter
Test and Interviews are conducted during the year. Please contact your presbyter to arrange a time.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your section and contact your presbyter for testing and interview dates.
  2. Click on the link below to obtain the contact information for your section.
  3. Notify your presbyter that you are applying for credentials and request an appointment time for your sectional interview.

According to the North Texas District Bylaws, your section is dependent on what county you reside in. However, if you are paid staff at a church that is in a section other than one you reside in, you will be placed in the section you minister in.
Please review the list of sections below.

Find your presbyter Sectional Map

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at
You can read about the benefits, qualifications, process, and responsibilities of ordination in our official position paper entitled “Pentecostal Ministry and Ordination.