The goal of Communications/Media is to facilitate the connection and communication of NTD ministers with each other and with district ministries and leaders, sharing information about churches, ministers, meetings, events, processes and more. We do this through a variety of avenues, including the website, emails, print publications and social media.

We also provide internal design services to district ministries and teams. Our objective is to effectively communicate the Superintendent’s vision. We desire to facilitate dialogue between leadership and ministers, to create effective inter-active communication between all ministries, ministers and churches. We value our ministers and churches, the owners of the District.

The three most visible components of the Office of Communications are the monthly NTD News magazine, the weekly NTD News Online email, and NorthTexas.AG, the primary district website.

The Communications/Media team has a cross-ministry mandate to expand and improve effective communication for every District Ministry. To accomplish that, we consult with and provide creative media design services to District Ministries, including print, electronic and digital media. We also coordinate the district events calendar. Additionally, we provide live onsite production support at various district events.

We embrace innovation in developing and using the latest technologies to better serve, inform, and communicate with our ministers and churches. We welcome your feedback to help us continue to improve our communications efforts.

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Glen Moon

Communications Director

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