Interested in a Church Loan?

This fund is available as a service to our churches. It is made possible by churches or individuals investing monies with the district which are then in turn loaned to other churches. To apply for the loan, follow these instructions:

1. Download and read carefully the attached information. Note particularly the responsibilities of the church as it relates to deed, name of church, and constitution.

2. Fill out the loan application and financial report as completely as possible.

3. Present to your presbyter for processing and endorsement. (NOTE that sectional endorsement is necessary for any church loan.)

4. Return application to district office to the Church Loan Fund with a copy of your constitution and property deeds, and a copy of the church minutes of the meeting approving application for a loan. When the application has been received, it will be presented to the Executive Presbytery at the earliest date possible. Please be advised that each application will be considered on the basis of:

  • -Availability of funds
  • -Justification of need
  • -Priority of filing dates
  • -Co-endorsement of the Sectional Presbyter pledging their assistance to the assembly in the event the assembly should face difficulties in meeting their monthly payment

It is our desire to be able to help you with your request. However, applications must also be considered on the basis of funds available and the church’s ability to pay. Should your application be approved an insurance binder will be required.

For more information contact

Church Loan Fund
North Texas District Council Assemblies of God
P.O. Box 838
Waxahachie, TX 75168-0838
817-284-4856 (office) – 817-824-9891 (fax)