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There are moments in our lives that mark us. Some moments seem big, but fade away, while some have the ability to change the entire course of our life — marriage, births, deaths, the day we received salvation, baptism. Other moments, though experienced don’t stay with us quite as long.

In nature, when lightening strikes there is a mark that is left. There is no question of it’s impact. Whatever it strikes is permanently left with a mark. The mark left by the Colorado river that cut through and created the beauty of the Grand Canyon is undeniable.

All throughout the Bible, men and women answered a call from God and chose to leave a mark on the lives of those around them:

  • Moses – personally led the Israelites out of Egypt
    Esther – chosen as queen “for such a time as this”
    Gideon – from the weakest clan, but chosen by God as a mighty warrior
    David – just a young boy, but defeats a giant, and leaves a legacy as being known as a man after God’s own heart
    Paul – leader in persecution to Christians, but then has a personal experience with Christ and becomes a missionary telling everyone he comes into contact with about Jesus

Just like them we are called to leave our own mark. WE are called to make disciples (Matt. 28:19), to be the God colors in the world (Matt. 5:14-16). The question isn’t IF we will leave a mark, the question is what kind of mark will we leave? Will we truly answer the call of God and impact the lives of those around us with a permanent mark like the heroes of our faith? Or will we settle for creating an experience that won’t stay with us past the moment?

We all (leaders and kids alike) have an incredible opportunity to leave your mark this year through missions. There are 3 ways that you can do this:

  • 1. Living in a way that reflects Him in our words and actions. (John 13:35)
    2. Serving one another, and getting involved in our communities. (John 13:15-17)
    3. Giving so those who are in places that we can not go to are equipped with the resources they need. (Luke 10:1-2)

Imagine the permanent mark that can be left around the globe if we can teach our children at a young age that they have the ability to leave their mark in so many ways. When we teach kids about BGMC we are doing just that. We are teaching kids to have a heart of compassion, which in turn challenges them to live a life that reflects Jesus. And when they learn to pray, give, and go, the mark they can leave on the world is unimaginable.

Here’s the challenge: we all have the ability to hear His voice and answer His call. The question is what kind of mark are you going to leave?

In 2017 I have a dream that I believe is straight from God. That dream? NTD Kids gives $500,000 to BGMC. This would be an additional $210,000 over what we gave in 2016. And while that goal seems huge – I have learned through life that if your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not from God!

There is a very practical way for you to get involved – and an easy way to break this down. If 5,000 leaders or kids give $100 each, we hit the mark! We hit our goal. Our missionaries are equipped, and we ALL move forward in our relationship with Christ. For every person (child and adult alike) that gives $100 – we will give an exclusive “Leave Your Mark” t-shirt. Wear it proud and use it to share your story – how God challenged YOU to Leave Your Mark by giving, and let’s see what God can do in and through NTD Kids.

Will you join me?

Michelle Garland // North Texas Kids Director

Leave Your Mark

International – Durbin, South Africa

Join us for our first KidMin Leadership trip to Durbin, South Africa. We will be working with North Texas missionaries, Adam and Alecia Fogleman!

Our time in Durbin will be spent doing a variety of the following things:

*Church Ministry
*School Assemblies
*Working in the local orphanages
*Leadership Training for local pastors/leaders

Dates: September 16-25, 2018
Approximate Cost: $2500-3000 (includes all travel, food, lodging, and transportation).

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding this trip, please click below.

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Leave Your Mark

Local – Convoy of Hope

We hope you will consider being a part of a city wide outreach in Lancaster, TX.

The outreach focus is on serving guests of honor by providing them with free groceries, health and dental screenings, haircuts, family portraits, meals and much more. The NTD Kids department is leading the Kids Zone area! Let’s join together and show the kids of these communities how valuable and loved they are!

Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017
Location: Lancaster High School; Lancaster, TX

For more information, and to sign up to be a part of this great event click below.

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Request Your Leave Your Mark Shirt

Did you or someone in your ministry give $100 towards Leave Your Mark? If so, fill out the following form and we will send you the exclusive Leave Your Mark t-shirt!

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What is BGMC?

BGMC stands for “Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge.” Boys and girls are challenged to help our missionaries, challenged to sacrificially give to missions, challenged to reach the lost, and challenged to keep their hearts open to the call to the work of full time missions. The money raised through BGMC is used to provide our missionaries with the supplies they need to reach people around the world. BGMC equips kids to know, to care, to pray, to give, and to reach the lost.

Visit the National BGMC Website

BGMC Projects

If your church is looking to adopt a missions project for 2017, we would encourage you to take a look at one of the ones we are featuring for the year. You will see many North Texas missionaries, as well as some international ministries. All of them are focused on reaching the next generation! Help us equip our NTD missionaries through your BGMC giving.

Along with each missionary, or organization, you will see a BGMC Project Form. In order for your funds to support that specific project, this form needs to be sent in with your giving every time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are a North Texas missionary and you would like your ministry to be featured, please contact us at:

“I was a very poor boy, hopeless, from a far village.  One day, teachers came to teach Values Ed Program.  It became my favorite subject because it’s all about God’s love and care for us. And it gave me such peace and hope for my life. The day the teacher asked if we wanted to accept Jesus, I was the first to raise my hand.” — Rex’s testimony of his changed life.

The Philippines is a nation of children, 100 million people, with about 40 percent or more 14 and under.  Kids struggling to rise out of severe poverty and the resulting bondage—hopelessness, trafficking, drug addiction, promiscuity, incest, hunger, disease, and street kids who’ve often run away from impossible home situations. Your BGMC DONATIONS go to help us with training, curriculum, Royal Rangers, National Bible Quiz, and ESPECIALLY with reaching into Muslim Mindanao with Public School Ministry.  Thank you for your “lives changing” investment in the children of the Philippines.  

Download the project form

Mike, Anita, Grace and Samuel James have a monthly kid’s club called, Fundag (Funday). This kids club is reaching out to unchurched children in an area of the city of Leiden called the Merenwijk. They use songs, crafts, puppets, skits and video to tell them about Jesus. The James family hopes to begin a Dutch family service out of this kids club by the end of this year. Your support will help pay for the rent of the building, flyers, puppets, video equipment and any other supplies needed. Thank you for your investment in the children and families of Leiden. Dank u wel (thank you very much).

Download the project form

Scripture tells us that the best place for the orphan is in a family. The Keep is an intermediary that builds partnerships with organizations involved in foster care, adoption and orphan missions and connects them with the local church to care for orphans.

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It has been said that if you want to know what a nation will look like in ten years, you need only look at the current state of its college campuses. The men and women who serve as Chi Alpha Campus Ministers at our universities give me great hope as to what our future holds: They lead students to Christ. They preserve the investments our churches have made in our youth. They train students and lead them to seek God’s empowerment to participate in the Great Commission for themselves.

They influence those who will influence tomorrow.

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Every year Convoy of Hope feeds tens of thousands of needy children, youth, and adults. Every year Convoy of Hope responds to dozens of disasters worldwide. Every year Convoy of Hope serves as our hands extended, providing compassion to a world of suffering people—hurting people who see the love of Jesus demonstrated by caring believers like yourself.
In one year alone…
• 9.7 million-plus people were served at Convoy of Hope outreaches.
• 76 community outreaches were conducted throughout the world.
• 38,000-plus volunteers served at Convoy of Hope events.

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The Mission
Rural Compassion is a national initiative dedicated to encouraging, strengthening, and empowering rural churches to work outside their four walls to address the needs of the community.
Rural Compassion partners with these churches by:
 providing resources so the church can respond to those needs. (Shoes, backpacks, food, and more
help the church become the center of the community by becoming a spiritually-based service center. (After-School program, drug/alcohol rehabilitation, community cleanup, and more)
Teach and train the church to become more effective in their community outreach efforts.
Initial Priorities of Rural Compassion
The chart below lists some of the needs of rural communities and the areas in which Rural Compassion seeks to encourage development:
 Mental health services 
 Drug/alcohol recovery 
 Food and basic needs assistance 
 Disaster preparedness and response 
 Supplemental education opportunities and childcare 
 Job training/ placement 
 Welfare-to-Work programs 
 Education in financial self-sufficiency 
 Pastor/church support 
 Church planting 
 Assisting people in becoming mature followers of 
 After-school tutoring

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The OneHope reaches children with the story of Jesus for only 33 cents each!
Two target countries are . . .
There are so few churches in Russia that you might need to travel 500 or even 1,000 miles to find one!
The goal is to start 10,000 new churches by the year 2020.
The method is to hand out The Book of Hope to school children and teachers in towns where there is no church, conduct church services, begin a congregation of new converts.
Over 18,000 Russian communities have been reached with the gospel in the form of The Book of Hope and/ or The GodMan film.
Over 2,300 new churches have been started. Now we are supplying 800 volunteers with The Book of Hope. They will reach the remaining 110,000 towns and villages of this vast country.
We’ve promised them 5 million copies of The Book of Hope this year at 33 cents each.
China is the world’s most populous nation. Millions and millions of young people have yet to receive the gospel message.
It’s a new day for missions in China! In some areas Christians are still oppressed and imprisoned for their faith, but in other areas believers are now able to worship freely.
OneHope’s goal in 2015 is to get the truth of God’s Word to 1 million Chinese youth.
OneHope has developed several Scripture engagement programs including: The Book of Hope encourages parents to interact with their children in learning God’s Word.

Download the project form
The Warrior’s Journey

“The Warrior’s Journey” will help provide the needed online resources to offer hope in Christ Jesus to our U.S. military, both former and active, as well as military families. For example, we must show that Jesus will journey with them as they negotiate the trials of family life, deployment, and reintegration into life back home.

Project 100 Million

Project 100Million is the evangelism and personal discipleship ministry of Network211 whose mission is to reach 100,000,000 people worldwide with the Gospel.
Evangelism sites such as and a unique personal discipleship program called “121 Connectors” engage people in multiple languages from 244 countries and territories.
Our evangelism web sites are offered in English, Farsi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, American Sign Language, Russian and Spanish. With your help, we can also present the Gospel in Portuguese, Italian, German, French and other world languages.
Pray. Pray for all of the people who visit our evangelism sites and for all who are dedicated to reaching them. Click here to join our prayer team
Give. Your giving enables us to reach 100,000,000 people worldwide with the Truth of Jesus Christ. Your giving to Network211 is tax deductible in the United States. Click Here to Make a Contribution
Partner. You, your church, and your organization can have a vital part in this huge harvest.
Rejoice. Celebrate the harvest with us!

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Adam, Alecia, Sydney and Emma Fogleman are a part of Urban Tribes church planting in Africa. The Foglemans along with the church plant team will be planting a church in Durban, South Africa. They will be starting from scratch to build the children’s ministry. The team wants to offer a Jesus centered, life giving ministry for the children of Durban. To do this they need audio/video equipment, chairs, tables, and ministry supplies.

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FireBible is the name for the international language editions of the Full Life Study Bible, one of the few Pentecostal Study Bibles in existence.

As the largest Pentecostal Study Bible in the world, the FireBible is meant to be a one-book Pentecostal library. It contains 77 theme articles, 45 maps and charts, introductions to each book of the Bible, and study notes formatted from a Pentecostal world-view. The FireBible is being translated and distributed in multiple languages across the globe and, as a one-book library, has been a tremendous resource for pastors and church leaders.

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